“Go forth and make disciples of all nations.”

STM Ministries provides resources to help make disciples of Christ around the world. Efforts include:

  • Collect donations to underwrite translations of quality Christian books into other languages.

  • Provide operating funds for CCL Biofarms, and new “business as missions” (BAM) effort in Romania; this 3-acre greenhouse will support a new church plant by providing income for both the church and the bi-voctaional Romanian pastor and his family.

  • Organize street evangelism efforts, both locally and worldwide.

  • Participate in mission trips around the globe.

  • Provide discipleship training in worldwide locations.

  • Organize and teach Bible studies in the Memphis, TN area.

  • Provide itinerant preaching whenever needed.

In the future, we look forward to supporting U.S. seminaries by teaching Doctor of Ministry and Master of Divinity courses overseas.