“Go forth and make disciples of all nations.”

Using your donations, Serving the Master (STM) Ministries provides resources to help make disciples forChrist around the world. Efforts include:

  • Finance the translation and printing of high-quality Christian books into the native tongue of countries around the world.

  • Fund the professional development of audio books, using previously-developed foreign translations.

  • Provide scholarships for foreign seminary students to study in highly-accredited evangelical seminaries in the United States. These scholarships are competitive, and are awarded to qualified applicants who otherwise couldn’t afford to attend seminary. Scholarship recipients must agree to return to their native country upon graduation, and serve in ministry full-time.

  • Finance internships for foreign pastors to travel and attend week-long intensives at 9Marks in Washington DC. These interns are submersed for up to 9 hours per day, learning all the aspects of shepherding a “healthy church.”

  • Participate in mission trips in the United States and around the globe.

  • Provide discipleship training in worldwide locations.

  • Conduct Bible studies whenever and wherever possible.

  • Provide itinerant preaching whenever needed.

In the future, we look forward to supporting U.S. seminaries by teaching Doctor of Ministry and Master of Divinity courses overseas.

Steve teaches in Haiti
David Elder